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Project Details

  • Location:

    Inland Homes Plc - Meridian Waterside, Radcliffe Road, Southampton, Phase 3&4.

  • Contract Value:

    in excess of £1,500,000

  • Duration:

    2 years

About the Project

Phase 3 & 4.- 252 units.

Key Points of contract.

  • ReadyLock System used to omit ledger bracing and enable us to reduce the program by 4 weeks per block.
  • Full time non - working supervisor to safely co-ordinate working areas over the 3 blocks, and monitor quality control.
  • was consistently ahead of program.
  • 96% Safety score achieved.
  • every board had to be clipped & every lift was fitted with internal guardrails, demonstrating good practice.
  • over 250,000 ft of tube & 12,000 boards used on this project!!!


"WSCL demonstrated the best practice in the industry. There management team offer a non contractual approach, and I found them easy to work with."

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