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At WSCL Limited, we offer a range of comprehensive services that can help you to complete your construction project. With our expert team, you will receive the best standard scaffolding services for both commercial and residential clients across Southampton. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of our professional services.

Scaffolding Services WSCL

Designing for Safety & Efficiency

The best scaffolding solutions start with a meticulous planning and design process. Our in-house team of designers, estimators and engineers work closely with you to ensure that we fully understand your project requirements and apply years of experience to creating detailed structural drawings and calculations that optimise scaffolding safety, usability for all trades, and cost.

Equipped to service major contracts

Large construction companies need to manage complex programmes and tight deadlines to deliver major projects. We work with many leading firms on long-term refurbishment and regeneration contracts, from tower blocks to housing estates, Backed by an infrastructure geared to meeting the most demanding schedules, our scaffolding and powered access solutions help you improve productivity and control safety.

A dedicated team for small works

Builders and smaller construction firms working on individual properties or sites require a flexible, reliable and cost efficient service from their scaffolding contractor. As a separate division, our dedicated small works team is focused on addressing these needs with an agile approach that combines intelligent design and logistics planning with operational skills developed from a depth of experience in this area.

Comprehensive Roofing Access Soultion

There are many critical factors to consider in the provisioning of access for roofing works, from the initial technical planning stages through to dismantling structures when works have been completed. Our attention to detail across the entire process ensures that roofing contractors can depend on safe, comprehensive solutions that include, access, edge protection, hoists, chutes and temporary roof installation.

The complete answer for your support

We offer a range of additional support services that enable our customers to deal with a variety of issues through a single supplier. For example, we can provide standard or jumbo size chutes for any scaffolding contract, and provision lighting, softwrap protection or temporary fencing. We can also provide weekly scaffolding safety inspections, alarm systems, and satellite dish relocation.

WSCL New Build Scaffolding

New Build Scaffolding (Rhino Deck Approved Installers)

Should you be searching for a new scaffolding company, you need to look no further. At WSCL Limited, we are proud to be able to offer a system with enhanced structural integrity that can be erected quickly to ensure that you meet your deadlines. Our scaffolding has been used for a range of projects and budgets, and our team of scaffolders are on hand to guarantee that your work at height project goes off without a hitch. Whether you are looking for domestic or commercial scaffolding, our scaffolder contractors are able to assist.

WSCL Temporary Roofs

Temporary Roofs

You may have an idea of what you want your project to look like when it’s done, but you can’t manage and control every aspect of it. You can’t control the weather, for example, and you can’t control whether your project is going to be done on time or have it come in on budget. With our temporary roof systems, you can continue to work all year around. This allows your project to continue no matter what the weather will be or the height in which you will work. Our professional scaffolders will be able to talk you through the temporary roof systems that we can offer for your project.

WSCL Residental


It can be a huge challenge to learn which scaffolding is appropriate for your residential project. The best thing that you can do is get the best advice from WSCL Limited about scaffolding solutions that are right for you. You need the solution that is right for your building, and we can offer you exactly that. Domestic scaffolding is essential for projects where you will be working at height and scaffolding with WSCL Limited is vital for access for renovations and restoration work. Let our experts talk you through your options today, and you can ensure that you have a sensible and safe solution to your building project access and structure.

WSCL Commercial


We understand that your large scale scaffolding project for your commercial building is going to be a big one, and if your project involves the construction of new build flats or homes, or even office buildings, we can help. We are proud to serve a range of commercial customers, and our scaffolding options in the commercial sectors are important to ensure the safe completion of your job. Our expert solutions for commercial scaffolding set us apart from the rest, and this is why we are happy to offer them to you for your work at height.

WSCL Heritage


Not every building that we deal with is a brand new build - heritage buildings are also one of our specialities. Let us help you to preserve your building, no matter how old it is. It’s a valuable building and we understand your need to preserve it as best you can. Talk to us today about your options!

WSCL Specialist Scaffolding

Specialist Scaffolding

We have experts on hand who are experienced in providing specialist scaffolding solutions for buildings of a variety of shapes and sizes. It doesn't matter if the building is an unusual shape - our experts can help to erect the right scaffolding while adhering to health and safety regulations.

Scaffolding Services
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We have a vast experience in providing scaffolding solutions for buildings of a variety of shapes and sizes. It doesn't matter if the building is an unusual shape - call our experts today for more information!

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